18 Days Uganda Bird Watching, Wildlife viewing and Gorilla Tracking.


These 19 days of a Mesmerising Uganda Safari will leave you Memorable and Incredible life time Experience.

Birdwatchers, Uganda has got over 1000 Bird species among which you get to see the Endangered Shoebill in Mabamba Swamp,Entebbe,Green-Breasted Pitta in Kibale Forest and many more.

During this amazing adventure, You will get to visit Murchison Falls National Park,Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Lake Mburo National Park where you will be able to see Wildlife, Track Chimpanzees, track Gorillas as you you enjoy your Birdwatching.

Day to day

Day 1

Arrive at Entebbe International Airport, be picked by our Driver/Guide,then proceed to do Birding in Botanical Gardens Entebbe.Here you will get to see Birds like Weavers,Sterlings,Hornbills,Storks,Sunbirds,Kingfishers,Turacos,Doves,Herons,Egrets,Black-winged Stilt,Comorants,Red-chested cuckoo,Grey parrot,Klaa's Cuckoo and many others.

Overnight:At a Lodge as for our booking.

Day 2

Birdingwatching at Mabamba Wetland.

After an early breakfast, Proceed to Mabamba Wetland,where you can experience Birding while being paddled in a canoe by our local guides,This is where you get to see the Dinosour like bird,the mighty Shoebill.It can be seen both in the sky and down in the marsh.Other birds that can be sighted here include Long-toed plover,Malachite kingfisher,Papyrus gonolek,Blue-shining kingfisher,Hammerkops,African jacana,Purple Heron,Goliath Heron,White-faced whistling duck,Squacco heron,Swamp flycatcher, and many others. Bird your way to Kampala looking out for Birds like Turacos,Sunbirds,Weavers,Pigeons,Broad-billed rollers,Fork-tailed Drongos,Long-crested Eagles and many more.

Dinner and over night:At a hotel as per our booking.

Day 3

Birdwatching in Mabira Forest,Transfer to Jinja,Source of the Nile River.

Mabira forest covers 306 sq.km and it has got over 300 Bird species,Tit hylia has been recorded here in this forest,Expect to see other Bird species like,Subirds,Great blue turaco,Nahan's francolin,African Grey Parrot,African Pita,Hornbills among others.

Proceed to Jinja see where  English Explorer John Speke first discovered the Source of the Nile in 1862 on his first visit to Uganda.

Have Lunch and transfer to Masindi.

overnight:Kabalega Hotel.

Day 4

Birdwatching in Budongo Forest-Royal Mile.

This Forestry Track is considered to be the best place where you can sight Cassin's spinetail,Nahan's francolin,Chestnut-capped flycatcher,Greenbulls,Rufous thrush,Uganda woodland-wabler,Pale-breasted illadopses,Fire-crested alethe,Yellow- browed camaroptera,Yellow long-bill ,Grey-throated tit-flycatcher.

Overnight: At a lodge as per our booking.

Day 5

Murchison Falls National Park.

Transfer to Murchison National Park which is Uganda's Largest National park (3893 sq.km) and is bisected by River Nile,Here you get to view the Mighty Murchison falls,One of the most powerful waterfalls in the World,a very breathtaking sight as you watch white water gush down through narrow channels of stone,you will be astonished by this magical place.

Dinner and over night:At a lodge as per our booking.

Day 6

Game drive and Boat cruise.

Depart for an early Game drive(6:30am) and enjoy a 3 hour Game Safari,you will be able to see animals like Buffalos,Hertebeests,Oribi,Kobs,Lions,Leopards,Elephants,Giraffes,Waterbucks and many more.

Birds that can be seen here include Abyssinian ground hornbill,

Vultures,Eagles,Goshawks,Hawks, Abyssinian roller,Pied kingfishers and others.

Depart for Boat cruise at 2:00pm that takes 3 hours.Here you can see Nile Crocodiles,Schools of Hippos,various Bird species like Stilts,Storks,Kingfishers,Swallows,Bee-eaters,Herons,and more.After you will go back to your Lodge for an over night stay.

Day 7

Transfer to Hoima

Here Birdwatching takes place  at Delta Cruise,a Shoebill can also be sighted here amongst other Bird species.

Birding Bugungu Reserve along the showers of Lake Albert in the afternoon.

Overnigt:at a Lodge as per our booking.

Day 8

Transfer to Kibale National Park.

Kibale Forest National Park is a Home of Chimpanzees and 13 other Primate Species,Enjoy the Drive through African counrty side,breathe fresh air,passing villages,viewing beautiful sceneries.Kibale also hosts approximately 5000 Chimps,the largest Population of Chimps in Africa.Birds that are found here include the endangered Green-breasted Pitta,Narrow tailed starling,African yellow-white eye,Red-capped robin chat,Olive sunbird,Red-headed malimbe,Gray-headed nigritta,Black-and-white mannikin,Little greenbull,Western nicator,Buff-throated apalis,Chestnut wattle-eye,Yellow-throated tinkerbird,Black bee-eater and many more.

Dinner and overnight:At a Lodge as per our booking.

Day 9

Birding in Kibale Forest,Tracking Chimps in the afternoon.

Birdwatching in the morning,see bird species like Narina trogon,Dusky tit,Brown-crowned tchagra,Honeyguide Greenbull,Grey-backed camaroptera,Splendid sterling,Purple-banded sunbird,Green-backed twinspot and many others.

In the afternoon,transfer to Kibale visitor centre for briefing on Chimpanzee tracking,then head to the forest to track these amazing primates which takes approximately two hours.

Dinner and over night:At a Lodge as per our booking.

Day 10

Birding in Bigodi Wetland and transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

After breakfast proceed for Birdwatching in Bigodi swamp then back to your Lodge for Lunch.After Lunch,drive along Rwenzori mountains(mountains of the moon),cross the Equator,Birding en-route to your Lodge where you will spend two nights.Numerous species of birds like Barbets,Tinkerbirds,Cuckoos,Red-necked spurfowl,Helmented guineafowl,Sunbirds can be sighted here.Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park after Lunch.

Dinner and overnight:Mweya Safari Lodge.

Day 11

Game drive,Birdwatching,Boat cruise at Kazinga Channel Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda's second Largest National Park named after the Queen of England in 1954.It has almost 100 Mammal species and over 600 Bird species thus making it incredible safari destination.

Head for a morning Game drive and Birdwatching after having breakfast.There are chances of seeing  Lions,Elephants,Buffalos,Hynas,Antelopes,Birds like Eagles,Kites,Hawks,Bee-eaters,Sunbirds and many others.

Lunch at the Lodge then go for Boat cruise on Kazinga Channel ,a Narrow strip of water that connects  Lake George and Lake Edward where you can be able to see Hippos,Crocodiles,Water birds like saddle-billed storks,

Spoonbills,Raptors,and other Bird species like  Fire finches,Shrikes,Weavers and many more.You will have an amazing photographic scenes along this Channel.This takes approximately 2 hours.

Dinner and overnight at your Lodge.

Day 12

Birdwatching in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Leave Queen Elizabeth National Park after breakfast in the morning and head to Bwindi.There are chances of seeing tree climbing Lions of Ishasha,Birdwatching enroute,arriving Bwindi in the afternoon.Look out for birds like Pipits,Larks,Chats,Barbets,Martial Eagles,Francolins,Weavers,Widowbirds,among others.Mammals like Kobs,Elephants,Buffalos,Waterbucks,Baboons and others can be seen along the way.

Dinner and over night:At a Lodge as per our booking.

Day 13

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Birding and Nature walk.

After an an early breakfast,start looking out for birds like Rwenzori nightjar,African wood owl,Shelly's crimson wing,African,Broadbill,Brown-capped Wabler,Starlings,Cuckoo shrikes,Pink-footed puffback,Luhder's bush-shrike,Mountain masked apalis,Black-faced rufous wabler,Red-faced woodland wabler,Chapin's flycatcher,Red-throated alethe,White-bellied robinchat,Assorted greenbulls,Woodpeckers,White-headed wood-hoopoe,Black bee-eater,Bar-tailed trogon among others.

Forest Birding in Bwindi ranks the best in Uganda.23 highly localised Albertine rift endemics have been recorded in Bwindi forest.Other special birds here include,Equatorial akalat,White-tailed ant thrush,Toro olive greenbull, Grey cuckoo shrike,Petit's cuckoo,Western green tinkerbird,Elliot's woodpecker,Red-chested owlet,Western bronze-naped pigeon,and many more.

In the evening at 4:00pm,go for Nature walk and Community visit where you will interact with the pygmies(Batwa)-the original natives of Bwindi Forest that were originally Hunters,food gatherers,see how they live.They were given land by the Government up on relocation from the forest,they also sell crafts and you are free to donate to them so they can be able to buy food and clothes.

Dinner and overnight:At a Lodge as per our booking.

Day 14

Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Buhoma.

Gorilla tracking is one of the must do's on your trip bucket list.After an early breakfast,head to the park headquarters to register for your Gorilla tracking.You will be briefed on do's and don'ts while you are with the Gorillas,after briefing ,start Gorilla tracking in Bwindi forest,you must have walking shoes,rain gear,drinking water.Gorilla tracking can be tough and challenging so one has to be physically fit,you will carry packed lunch with you into the forest but you can't share it with the Gorillas,this exercise takes 4-6 hours depending on the movement of the Gorillas,after finding then you will spend an hour with these amazing animals,you will be thrilled to see babies playing,silverbacks,females grooming,chest beating,and watching other members of the family.Returning from the tracking will be easier.

After tracking,continue birding along neck through Ruhija,look out for birds like Black-throated seedeater,Yellow bishop,dusky twinspot,strange weaver,regal subird,sharpe's starlind,grey-cuckoo shrike,stripe-breasted tit,collared apalis,chesnut-throated appalis,Mountain masked apallis,Banded prinia,Chubb's sisticola,Grauer's wabler,Red-faced woodland wabler,Cassin's grey flycatcher,Olive thrush,White-starred robin,Mountain wagtail,Red-throated wryneck,Black bee-eater and many others.

Dinner and over night:At a Lodge as per our booking.

Day 15

Birding as you transfer to Lake Bunyonyi via Ruhija.

After early breakfast, bird as you transfer to Lake Bunyonyi via Ruhija,birding Ruhija along the Road or Mubwindi Swamp,look out for bird species like Red-tailed and Shelley's greenbul,Grey-throated barbet,Common buzzard,Black bee-eater,cinnamon-chested bee-eater,red-throated alethe,african shrike-flycatcher,ayres's hawk-eagle,african green broadbill,and many others.At 4:00pm transfer to Lake Bunyonyi for overnight.

Dinner and overnight:At a Lodge as per our booking.

Day 16

Bird to Lake Mburo National Park.

After early breakfast we will bird eastwards through the terraced Mountains of Kigezi to the open Plains and Rocky hillsides of Ankole.We will have a few stopovers along the way to do Birdwatching,Photographing and to to enjoy the Beautiful sceneries.Along the way you can be able to get closer views of the amazing Ankole long horned cattle as we head to Mbarara and onto Lake Mburo National Park. Birding here is a fantastic experience and one of the highlights of a birding trip to Uganda.

Look out for bird species like Yellow-rumped tinkerbird,White-winged swamp wabler,Tabora sisticola,Southern ground hornbill,Red-faced barbet,Lailac-breasted roller,Bare-faced go-away bird,Crested francolin,Emerald spotted wood dove,Augur buzzard,Black-headed gonolek and many others.

Dinner and overnight: At a Lodge as per our booking.

Day 17

Birdwatching,Game drive,Boat-cruise-Lake Mburo National Park.

You will spend the whole day birdwatching in Lake Mburo National Park looking out for birds like Yellow-breasted apalis,Greater painted-snipe,Hairly-breasted barbet,Mosque swallow,Carruthers's cisticola,Bateleur,Black-bellied bustard,Pipits,Black-chested snake eagle,Larks,Spot-flanked barbet,Brown parrot,African grey hornbill,Blue-napped mousebird,Red-faced barbet and many others.

In the afternoon,head for a Boat cruise to look for the African finfoot,Blue-breasted kingfisher,White-winged swamp wabler,Shoebill,Greater painted-snipe,Papyrus gonolek,African scops-owl,Freckled nightjars and many more.Look out for Animals like Zebras,Buffalos,Giraffes,Waterbucks,Bushbucks,Eland,Topi,Hippos,Bush duiker,Antelopes as you look out for Birds.

Dinner and over night: At a Lodge as our our booking.

Day 18

Drive to Entebbe for return flight.

After early breakfast,proceed  for morning Birdwatching getting back in time for an early lunch.After lunch,proceed for the transfer to Entebbe International Airport for return flight.Look out for birds like Yellow-breasted apalis,Long tailed cisticola,Thrilling cisticola,Spot-flanked barbet,African grey hornbill,Brown parrot,African grey parrot and many more.

End of 18 days Uganda Birding and Gorilla tracking tour.


  • Accommodation.

  • Park entrance.

  • Car hire and fuel.

  • Gorilla permits.

  • Transportation in a comfortable safari vehicle.

  • English speaking guide/driver.

  • Mineral water.


  • Personal expenses.

  • Air tickets.

  • Additional drinks like wines,beers.

  • Tips.

  • Telephone charges.

  • Ugandan visas: Single entry visa costs $50 and its required for all countries that require visas for Ugandans,it can be obtained on arrival at Entebbe International Airport.