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Mount Rwenzori

The remote Rwenzori mountains, on the Uganda / DRC border, offer treks through varied and stunning landscapes, and Africa's third highest summit, Mount Stanley, with non of the crowds found at Tanzania's Kilimanjaro.

Rwenzori mountain has several ranges, Mount Stanely, Mount Speke, Mount Baker, Mount Emim, and Mount Gessi.

Most recommended Rwenzori Trekking route is 9 days hiking trip and 7 days climbing Rwenzori mountains.

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Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest mountain and also happens to be the most famous and iconic. It is one of the largest freestanding mountains in the world.

Mt. Kilimanjaro's summit consits of three primary peaks (Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira) which are all volcanoes.

You can climb Kilimanjaro through the following routes; Machame Route, Lemosho Route, Marangu Route, Rongai Route, Shira Route and Umbwe Route.

Please inquire with us first to know about the activity.

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Mount Muhabura

Mount Muhabura is an extinct volcano located on the border between Uganda, Rwanda and DRC. It has the third highest peak among the volcanoes after Mount Mikeno and Karisimbo respectively.

Muhabura means the guide in the local language, and it is the most difficult mountain to hike among the 8 volcanoes in the Virunga Ranges.

Hiking Muhabura Mountain can be arranged from both Uganda and Rwanda side.

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Mout Sabinyo

Mount Sabinyo is situated within three countries in the Virunga ranges namely Congo, Uganda and Rwanda. The mountain has three peaks. The name Sabinyo is a Kinyarwanda word to mean "old man's teeth" and it is called so because the mountain summit looks like a worn out tooth in a gum line.

The mountain's strategic location makes it one of the best to hike Virunga ranges.

Mt. Sabinyo stands on an elevation of 3,645 meters above sea level and climbing it takes about 8 hours.

Mt. Sabinyo gives offers a 360 degrees experience of the Virunga ranges as it is the axis of this magnificent mountain.

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Mout Elgon

Mount Elgon, at 4,000 square kilometers has the largest volcanic base in world. It is located on the Uganda and Kenya border and is the oldest and largest solitary, volcanic mountain in East Africa.

Most travelers find Mt. Elgon an exciting alternative to the more strenuous climbs in East Africa. It is easier to access throughout the year, less congested and has many attractions.

Mt. Elgon has three hiking trails; the Sasa trail, the Sipi trail and the Piswa trail respectively.

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